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Royale M-White

Royale M-White
Villa starts from $1300 - $2250/ night

Get ready for upscale living with Royale M-White, located at the heart of Poblado. This affluent region in Medellin is home to fashion boutiques, chic cafes, tall apartment blocks, and high-end restaurants. Bathe in the ultimate luxury as this magnificent villa welcomes you to a thriving metropolis. Its state-of-the-art amenities and breathtaking panoramas are sure to get your gang started on a fabulous experience.

Lavish Rooms

The Royale M-White gives a grand welcome to visitors with six rooms, 13 beds, and eight baths. Each room is decorated splendidly and implant the wow factor into your hearts. The views are enviable and points straight towards the well-appointed pool and cityscape. High-quality furnishings with expensive, opulent touches, attention to aesthetic detail, and fresh air make the rooms more appealing. The king-sized bed with a good mattress and high-quality sheets makes you want to host a party right in the center of this extreme comfort.

The Not-So-Common Areas and Pool

If rooms defining ultimate luxury weren’t enough, wait till you witness the fantastic poolside experience. With its elevated location, feel the cool winds blow through the villa as you relish the breathtaking panoramic views. Enjoy a cocktail by the sparkling pool and breathe in the glorious views as the entire Medellin comes alive with each new day. Expansive common areas embrace tasteful designs and comfort to ensure your vacation supersedes all expectations. The villa also comes with a designer kitchen that includes stainless steel countertops and appliances. Indeed, the Royale M-White is the place to be for a brilliant holiday experience.

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