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Royale M-Jade

Royale M-Jade
Villa starts from $1300 - $2250/ night

Royale M-Jade is located in the fashionable district of Parque Lleras, right in the heart of its vibrant nightlife. This cozy suite is enriched with ample floor space to create a mesmerizing ambiance. You’d love to spend your days of the last hoorah before getting hitched in this luxurious suite. This comfortable nest in Medellin has three bedrooms, three baths, and six beds to accommodate your gang.

Lavish Rooms with Modern Amenities

If you’re looking to celebrate the ultimate bachelor parties with late nights and lots of booze, choose Royale M-Jade. Not only does this suite offer lavish rooms with king-size beds, but it also has a big living room with windows overlooking the cityscape. Each bed can be converted into two beds for accommodating more people than your gang. After all, that’s the idea of a bachelor party, making new friends, and making the best of your stay in the hip-hop environ. Won’t you say? Every bedroom here has high-quality linen for deep slumber and a flat-screen TV for entertainment. Large windows offer panoramic views of Medellin, and there’s also storage space to stash your stuff safely while you go out of the suite.

Loads of Entertainment

When you’re out on a bachelor party with your best friends, your idea of fun can be hanging out with them in a comfy living room watching your favorite soccer match or taking a relaxing bath in Jacuzzi. Whatever is your idea, we make it happen at Royale M-Jade. There is a hot water supply on demand for Jacuzzi, a small kitchen to deal with hunger pangs, and minibar to get a little drunk every evening.

So, don’t wait, book this suite today.

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