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Royale M-Aqua

Royale M-Aqua
Villa starts from $1300 - $2250/ night

Royale M-Aqua welcomes you to the coolest neighborhood of Medellin, Poblado. Situated at the heart of Colombia’s most popular region, the Royale M-Aqua makes for a cozy place to check out the lively neighborhood. It is a benchmark for travelers who wish to experience the very best of the Poblado commune. You will enjoy the comfortable rooms and facilities that make your stay unforgettable.

Neat And Cozy Rooms

The Royale M-Aqua Offers two rooms, two beds, and three baths for a comfortable stay. It is also decked up with urbane styles to create a perfect balance between absolute comfort and trendiest designs. Plush furnishings and well-ventilated areas pave the way for hearty conversations. It’s simple yet modern décor, along with a warm ambiance, invites every guest into a surreal experience. Plus, elegant, spacious wardrobes and tiled bathrooms will remind you of homely comforts. Cozy rooms from Royale M-Aqua is a place where travelers get everything to rest and relax.

A Delightful Dining Experience

With contemporary kitchen design and functionality, the Royale M-Aqua offers a unique dining experience. It provides a minimalist, yet streamlined styling with open spaces, chic interiors, and sleek cabinets. It exudes sophistication and features modern appliances, countertops, and noteworthy colors. Recessed lighting delivers a striking appearance, and pendant lighting makes you never want to venture out of this cozy venture. Elegant sofas add to the comfort while making place for a friendly chat over a meal. Royale M-Aqua is the right place to pamper yourself while you are celebrating the glamorous experiences in Medellin.

Make your reservations to bathe in this model of ultimate luxury in Medellin.

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