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Royale C-Magenta

Royale C-Magenta
Villa starts from $295 - $369/ night

Royale C-Magenta is a magnificent and modern apartment that offers luxuries wrapped in a stunning setting. A balcony overlooking the inland lake and Cartagena skyline is a visual delight. This two-bedroom apartment is in a plush building decked with ultra-modern amenities and a large pool for the evening dips. The property is located in a prime location where you’ll find Cartagena’s nightlife and gastronomic zones nearby.

Rooms That Are Ultimate in Luxury and Style

The impressive Royale C-Magenta is available as the perfect accommodation for your entire group of friends. So, let the party begin, and when you feel like relaxing, sprawl on a king-size bed in one of the bedrooms. The Master bedroom is bigger, with bay windows offering breathtaking views of the outside. The bedroom has a private bath with the best fittings and high-tech amenities for refreshing you every morning. Take your showers and laze around on the living room couch with your buddies in the tow. The décor of bedrooms is beautiful and chic with comfortable mattresses and quilts covering the beds.

Luxury In Its True Element

Despite being a two-bedroom apartment, there’s no shortage of luxurious amenities in this apartment. It has a well-equipped and fully-stocked kitchen to cook your meals, or you can call our private chef to prepare tantalizing meals every day. The living room has a large flat-screen smart TV and nay windows that open in the balcony overlooking the lake. You can enjoy these stunning views from the living room while watching TV, chatting with your pals, or partying with your bunch.

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